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s|ngular Data & Analytics is the result of a long­standing history in data mining and analytics. s|ngular has provided solutions to first­rate customers in various industries such as media, telecommunications, government and financial services.

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Case Study: IoT and the recognition of a person's activity

With the rise of the Internet of things, IoT, always-connected electronic sensors can be combined with machine learning techniques to control, manage and study numerous phenomena. In this post, we present a use case consisting of the application of Data Analytics techniques using the data provided by the DrivenData competition of the SPHERE (Sensor Platform for Healthcare in Residential Environment) project. This project was created with the aim of monitoring health conditions of elderly people through a series of low-cost sensors installed in their homes; in this way, the mentioned monitoring activities can be performed unobtrusively and respecting the privacy of the patients. We describe the tasks we have carried out to address the issue raised in this scenario.

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