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s|ngular Data & Analytics is the result of a long­standing history in data mining and analytics. s|ngular has provided solutions to first­rate customers in various industries such as media, telecommunications, government and financial services.

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Case study: forecasting blood donation

Blood donation is a solidarity act that saves many lives every day. Therefore, many awareness campaigns are held for the citizens, especially when there is shortage of blood reserves at hospitals. In this post, we describe a case study based on Data Analytics techniques to predict the number of blood donors in a specific scenario and period of time. In our analysis, we have used donation data taken from a DrivenData competition. This study adopted the donor database of the surveys carried out in a mobile blood donation vehicle in Taiwan that drove to different universities.

CRISP-DM: The methodology to put some order into Data Science projects

In an attempt to establish standards in the area, in the same manner as it is done in software engineering with software development, two methodologies came up in the late nineties: CRISP-DM (Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining) and SEMMA (Sample, Explore, Modify, Model, and Assess). Both define a set of sequential steps to guide the process, assigning specific tasks and defining the results that are expected to be obtained in each stage. CRISP-DM was more complete and was applied from a business perspective, thus it was popularly adapted over SEMMA. In this post, we describe CRISP-DM methodology, with its objectives, phases and tasks, derived from the consortium of companies that proposed the methodology.

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